On the first day, registration begins at 8:30 a.m.

The day starts at 9 a.m. for a warm up. Then classes go from 9:30 a.m.–1 p.m., then lunch (remember we provide the cheesesteaks) then 2–6 p.m.

Renewals and Maesto Jeanette Martinez’ workshops are on a special schedule on Oct. 4th, please contact us right away for details.


Can I show up unregistered?
Yes, but it is better not to let us know you are coming ahead of time as class sizes are limited and we want to ensure everyone gets to participate.

What else is there to do in Philadelphia?
Lots and lots! Check out this link to

How do I get a t-shirt?  So do I need to order a t-shirt now in order to get one?
Add your size and neck preference, v-ncek or crew to your registration.  YES, you must order and pay before Sept. 10th in order to get a t-shirt. 




We can only accept credit card

payment online.  The days of the

workshop we can only accept

cash or checks. 



For more information call (215) 802-3885 or (717) 226-0339  

E-mail us at: or


Fun. Fights. Mass Battles.

Come join our Melee.

The 15th Annual
Philadelphia Stage Combat Workshop
October 4th & 5th, 2014

Hosted by the University of the Arts

at the Gershman Y
401 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

View Photos from 2008 Workshop!


Nicole Callender, Stuntwoman and Certified Teacher, SAFD

Robert Hamilton, Certified Teacher, SAFD

Nigel Poulton, Fight Master, SAuFD & Certified Instructor, SAFD

Charles Conwell, Fight Director, SAFD

John Bellomo, Fight Director, SAFD

Payson Burt, Fight Director, SAFD

Ian Rose, Fight Master, SAFD & FDC

J. Alex Cordaro, Certified Teacher, SAFD


Stun, Stagger & Stop: African Walking Stick

Floating on Air

Improv Combat

Gurka Slasher: Kukri Fighting

Silent Killer

Found Weapon Frenzy

Stunt Fighting

I’ve Fallen and I can’t get up!

Rapier & Cloak

Leaping Lizards

Liancourt Smallsword Exercize

Two Special events this year:

Nigel Poulton will be teaching

a Workshop in Historical German Longsword

Friday October 3rd!

Only $125.00

Learn to fight the Longsword for real!


$350.00 at the door
10% discount w/registration by Sept. 10th
10% Discount SAFD/Equity membership, instructor OR student ID

$175.00 Single Day

Sorry, but this year we had to add a $35.00 non-refundable deposit.

Oct. 3rd is the recert day for those who need to retest in the SAFD disciplines. If you are planning on coming to this you need to let us know right away, so we can arrange the pairings. There is an additional $95 fee.

Lots of fun AND your tuition includes continental breakfast, cheesesteak lunch a t-shirt (depending on availability) and a weekend of classes.

We are having a weapons table for purchases during lunch the first day.

Everyone is invited to a gathering of participants Saturday night at a local Pub, all are welcome.  We have a room with cash bar and pub grub.

Our Grand Melee this year:

I Bite My Thumb at You!!!

Classes in all eight SAFD disciplines and more! 

Renewals available Oct. 4th, please contact us right away for details.

Call: (215) 802-3885 or (717) 226-0339 or E-mail us at: or for further details.

“I don't mean this as a suck up at all, but all workshops I go to now will have a tough time matching the enjoyment I had at Philly...I truly enjoyed everything at Philly!!”-Bette Cassett

Thank you!  And thank you for all you do for the Cheesesteak!  It RAWKS!"  -Shelly Riggs

Scenes from some of our past melees. 

FD Charles Conwell and Maitre D’Armes Jacques Cappelle above.  Below Fight Master J. David Brimmer and Maestro Jeanette Acosta-Martinez teaching Historical Smallsword.

Nigel is an award winning fight director, weapon and movement specialist and actor. He has particular exterpertise in edged weapon use, classical, historical and theatrical swordplay, kinesthetic movement processes, and combat systems and has worked internationally over the last eight years. Nigel is a practitioner of Vsevelod Meyerhold’s Theatrical Biomechanics system, having trained intensively with the system’s current custodian, is a registered Instructor, Fight Director and past President of the Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc. and has been certified with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and the Society of American Fight Directors. Nigel is also a classically trained fencer under the tutorship of Maestri Ramon and Jeanette Martinez of New York City.

Since 2007, Nigel has been part of the Weapons Specialists Ltd creative team (New York), gaining experience on productions including: The Good Wife (Scott Free Productions), Person of Interest (Kilter Films), One Shot (Paramount Pictures), Boardwalk Empire (HBO), Salt (Columbia Pictures), I Am Legend (Warner Bros. Pictures), Sopranos – 1997 Season (HBO), The Ministers, (Collective), 30 Rock (Broadway Video), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Wolf Films), and Fall Down Dead (New Films International). In 2011 Nigel worked on The Bourne Legacy (Bourne Film Productions) as a Technical (tactical) Advisor, Vikingdom (KRU Studios) as Swordmaster and Winter’s Tale (Warner Bros) as Fight Director.

Nigel has been studying and teaching various martial and combat systems for over 15 years and has been on faculty (part-time) as resident stage combat instructor at the University of Southern Queensland since 2001. Nigel was the stage combat instructor at the National Institute of Dramatic Art from 2000 to 2003, and has been a guest teacher at institutions such as The John F Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts and The Shakespeare Theatre Academy for Classical Acting (Washington DC). Nigel is also a past coordinator of the Paddy Crean International Workshop and Symposium and has been a regular guest presenter at various historical swordplay conferences throughout Australia. Nigel was also a guest presenter at the 2006 World Shakespeare Congress.

Nigel is a trained actor, with a variety of performance training and skills including clowning, improvisational comedy, mask work (Commedia, Le coq and Basel), slapstick, and street theatre.  In 1999 Nigel co-founded Schnapper Head (Australia), and toured Australia with the acclaimed production of Zoo-illogical in early 2000.

Nigel has been the grateful recipient from the 2012 Melbourne Green Room Awards for outstanding contribution to the Melbourne stage, an Australia Council for the Arts grant and Queensland Arts Council grants in 2005 and 2008 to undertake continuing professional development with leading theatre practitioners throughout the world.

There is an additional $125.00 fee for the Poulton Workshop.

Stab, Cut and Punch!!

an additional day of workshop!!!!!!

Due to space constraints these classes are limited to:

Smallsword (Stab)

Knife (Cut)

& Unarmed (Punch)

An additional day of workshop at only $35.00 (available only with purchase of weekend workshop)